Anonymous said: Hi! Can I translate your story into Russian?

Hi, babe! I think it’s an incredible honor to have other people think my story is worthy of being translated to other languages so I want to thank you.

But I’m really not comfortable with having it done. I don’t really want my writing anywhere but on my page.

Friday Jul 25 @ 08:00pm

bittersweetsymphony19 said:Eeeeek! How fun is your bunny? No, seriously.

Having him is fun! It can be very rewarding when he’s just running and hopping around. and then he wears himself out so he comes and just plops down on his side next to your leg and goes to sleep. Or when he just sits there and like licks your arm and grooms you for hours because those are some ways that they show affection. Or when he went outside for the first time and noises would freak him out so he would run over to me and hide under my arm. lol

But the amount of work and effort you have to put into owning a rabbit is absolutely no joke. People don’t realize how much you have to put into it and so parents and so on buy them for their young children for easter thinking it’s a cute idea and then within a few weeks, they end up in animal rescue centers trying to get adopted. Which is sad, to me. I mean, it’s ideal for you to let them out of their cage for a couple of hours each day. And I don’t have a “rabbit proof” room so I have to watch him to make sure he doesn’t get into anything. They say that you should take them to the vet every so often so they can get shots and things (like you would a dog or a cat) but mine doesn’t really leave the house and so we aren’t doing that because it’s expensive (don’t tell anyone lol). Plus, you have to clean their cage AT LEAST once a week. Sometimes twice because they just pOOP SO OFTEN AND IT’S SO ANNOYING! hahaha

There are times when I’m like OH MY FUCKING GOD JUST SEND HIM BACK! because he chews on everything and he pees on stuff (which he hasn’t done in awhile because we’re trying to potty train him thank god) and like bunnies just really like to nibble so you’ve gotta watch your skin because if you don’t pay attention to their nudges, they will bite you. only hard enough to get your attention but it still stings a little sometimes. and you have to CLIP THEIR NAILS AND HE HATES IT I MEAN LITERALLY HATES IT WHICH REALLY DOESN’T HELP ME ANY AND I END UP SWEATING BY THE TIME WE’RE DONE! 

I love him though. And he’s so damn cute so it’s hard to be mad at him. It’s very fun and I laughed at him for a solid half hour last night because I had him on the kitchen table and he kept nudging the salt and pepper shakers around the table until he was happy with the way he put them. (they were all upside down and halfway across the table with salt and pepper EVERYWHERE). He’s so cuddly and adorable and great. lol

Friday Jul 25 @ 06:46pm


Friday Jul 25 @ 06:35pm
IT IS! seeing them use their little baby hands and rub their face that fast is just the cutest

lol he booped noses with me today. ON HIS OWN!

Friday Jul 25 @ 01:20am

desireemilks said: I love you because you have breaking free

lol i have like …. a lot of HSM songs… we won’t talk about it hahaha

harrygirlina1dworld said:Awwww ALAYLM came up 😍

I will always have an obsession with BSB. I’ve seen them in concert 3 times. I CAN’T GET ENOUGH!

Friday Jul 25 @ 01:10am

harrysapplebutt said: ALSO ROMEO SANTOS !!

I’ve been known to jam to some Romeo every now and then ;)

Friday Jul 25 @ 01:09am
getsomehoran replied to your photo:Bath time!


Friday Jul 25 @ 01:08am
Friday Jul 25 @ 12:56am
Bath time!

Bath time!

Friday Jul 25 @ 12:55am

harrysapplebutt said: PRINCE ROYCE YASSS

gggiiiirrrllll tu sabes ;) I love him.

Thursday Jul 24 @ 02:48am

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