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@Callum_SR: Good to meet you @Harry_Styles

@Callum_SR: Good to meet you @Harry_Styles

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NIALL! ! !

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Niall at the Reading vs. Derby game (x)


Niall at the Reading vs. Derby game (x)

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ok really quick reblog this if you’re a mainly harry styles blog and i’m probably gonna follow you ok thanks!!

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Anonymous said: Blurb about professor Niall banging you in the locked infirmary room!


"Uh, Dr. Horan? Class ended ten minutes ago."

I froze, my hand stalling roughly against the whiteboard, the word half written. Sighing, I slammed the lid back onto the marker and turned my head slightly. “Mr. Jordan, if you cared about this class, you wouldn’t have noticed the time ticking by. Judging by your grades, I guess that answer is clear. Class dismissed—Ms…You! I don’t remember your name! In the red shirt!” I pointed to her, her eyes widening as she stood up. “Meet me in my office in ten minutes, we need to discuss your last exam.”

She nodded once, her face panicked. Was my acting really that good? She aced her exam, she aces all my exams, and not just because we spend quality time together with my dick lodged in her throat. Because she’s smart.

I knew her name, too. And I knew she was was wearing lace knickers.

I followed my students out of the lecture hall, the hallways bare of students as they raced off for lunch. I made my appearance in the teachers lounge and pulled my lunch from the refrigerator, grumbling about a conference call in my office as I raced out of the room.

Like the good pet she was, she was sitting tall in the chair next to my office door, her long legs crossed at the ankles like a lady, her modest skirt pulled over her knees, clutching a few textbooks, her backpack hanging from one shoulder.

"Don’t wear your bag on one shoulder," I said, unlocking the door. "It’ll cause bad posture if it’s too heavy." I pushed the door open and held it for her, watching the sway of her hips as she passed by. "Now, about that exam…" I said, loudly, in case anyone was walking down the hallway. I closed the door, flipping the lock and drawing the shade back.

"Did I fail it?" she whispered, scared. Her bright eyes were wide and worried.

I laughed, shaking my head. “No, you never do. I just needed an excuse to get you in here.” I reached out and tugged her backpack from her arm and tossed it to the floor, pulled her books from her hands and tossed them into the chair opposite my desk.

She heaved a sigh of relief, smiling. “God, you scared the hell out of me.”

I smirked, leaning in to leave a gentle kiss to her red lips. “I’m a little upset with you, though.”

"Why?" she whispered, her fingers gently tugging on my tie as my lips brushed against her jaw.

I ran my hands down her waist and gathered her skirt in my hands, exposing the black lace knickers I’d spent my last teaching period sweating over. “Because you dress like Mary Poppins gone wrong,” I growled, gripping the curve of her ass firmly in my hands. “Does the bra match?”

She shrugged, smirking, her full lips pulling to the left. “Maybe.”

I carefully pulled her shirt over her head, groaning when my assumption was correct. “You planned this.”

She shrugged, loosening my tie. “Maybe.”

I frowned. “I don’t like this cavalier attitude.”

She smiled, cocking her head to the side. “How would you like me today, professor?”

I checked my watch. “I have roughly thirty minutes before my next lecture, you good for a quickie?”

I jolted as her fingers brushed over the bulge in my pants. I gripped her wrist and pulled it behind her, holding her in place. “Spin,” I spit, roughly. “Lean over the desk. Not a sound until I say you can speak.”

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